Friday, November 04, 2011


I was talking to the editor of a local magazine based in Melbourne last night. I told him I am a film critic back in Hong Kong. He asked, "So, are you still writing?"

To which I replied, "I try to, when I have time."

He said, "ah, that sounds a bit sad."

me, "eh?"

Him, "I am a writer, I have to write everyday!"

His very determination and passion inspired me.

Lovely old man with a straw hat...

It's good when you talk to people who can remind you how life should be like.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011


假如在這麼忙我又這麼懶的當下有甚麼事值得花點時間一記,那就是昨晚意大利同事見我不大高興,請我跟他的法越女朋友,還有其他四個法國朋友一敘,到 south bank 公園野餐。就在河邊孔夫子像一旁的草坪上。

他說:他們會準備食物,不過天知道那會否成事!他們靠不住...(almost like a compliment)

跟四個法國人初次見面,但不用堆起笑容說 nice to meet you ,也不用接收高八度的假熱情,不用聽滔滔不絕的個人表演,然後陪笑,也不用絞盡腦汁去想「他們覺得幽默」的話...

而且都很純真,在他們身上看不到我特受不了的 aggressiveness, 也不像是 opportunistic 的人。我想我是說多了,不過在草坪上,暗暗的歡喜。